IMG_5958I remember sitting on the floor in that home thinking how little I know of sacrifice. Jiwan got up to share the gospel, and I half-listened to words I couldn’t understand while I looked around at the people.  Some were hearing about the gift of salvation for the first time. Some were believers, thankful for the chance to hear the message again, praying for the lost ones sitting beside them.

The home we were in belonged to two believers from Damak, Nepal.  After they had both come to know the Lord, they decided sharing the gospel was worth more than her gold, so they sold it all. We were sitting against the green walls of an open porch they’d built with the money–built so they’d have a place to call others to come and hear.

I was sweating pretty badly that day. They say we girls glisten? Not true. At least not in Nepal during rainy season. Still I remember that as such a sweet day, sitting with believers I’d never met before, enjoying the company of friends I’d just met, sharing a meal together with people who were faithfully spending their lives to spread the good news to all who would come and listen.IMG_5962A year later, another brother and his wife were able to open their home for gospel meetings. More came, more heard, and by God’s grace more were saved. A little assembly was formed there in Damak. A precious group of brothers and sisters meeting together in the Lord’s name out there in a village in Nepal. How precious to Him. IMG_0429Here’s everyone enjoying a meal together after the meeting.IMG_0433There was also some pork at some point that day, thanks to Bhupal. IMG_0452Go to Nepal for the pork.

It’ll be worth the ticket, I promise. IMG_0458I digress.

Sometimes it takes me a bit to get to the point, but I wanted you all to enjoy a little background of this assembly and how it was formed. There’re so many details I’ve left out, but this is just a little glimpse of a work the Lord is doing with our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world. Please pray for the ongoing construction of a new hall for them to meet in. So many believers have been involved in the work, from many different assemblies in Nepal and India. These are the latest photos I’ve been sent. Enjoy!

Bricks made by the believers.
IMG_0915Some lovely helpers! IMG_0908DamakIMG_0879dmk

“Nothing can ever be dull again,

When once we fling our windows open wide

And see the mighty world that lies outside

And whisper to ourselves this wondrous thing–

‘We’re wanted for the business of the King.'”


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